Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Greetings CCC- North- South Family!

God is doing a great work in 2011 and Pastor is flowing with the Spirit of God
as he faithfully delivers the uncompromising Word of God to build our faith!
This is our year to Pursue, Overtake, & Recover all in Jesus' name! Part of our
victory is based on us supporting our man of God by upholding his hands in the
Vision (Exodus 17:12 - When Moses' hands grew tired...Aaron & Hur held his hands
up...). This is a principle which Jesus spoke of in Luke 16:12, teaching that
if we're faithful over another man's vision then God will give us our own
vision. During this month of February, we'll have several opportunities to
demonstrate our support to our Visionary (Pastor Goudeaux) while working the
principle of faithfulness (Luke 16:12). Your attendance and support will
encourage our Pastor to keep his hands lifted up so that we can have the victory
in every battle!

Please see the list of G12 Events for the month of February 2011:

* G12 Vision Meeting w/ Pastor Goudeaux - This Thursday, February 17th at
5:30pm at CCC South. Come and receive impartation from our Visionary - plus
you'll have an opportunity to ask Pastor any questions you have regarding the
vision. **This meeting is held every 3rd Thursday at CCC South**
* G12 Clinic on Saturday, February 19th at 9:30am - 12pm at CCC North. Fan the
flame of your internal fire for the Vision! This clinic will encourage,
strengthen, and motivate you to keep running the race in such a way to win the
* Next Encounter, February 25th - 27th. Sign up for the next Encounter at the
G-12 Booth in the foyer! Already been to the Encounter? Encourage someone else
to attend! Spread the good news about the power of God that is released at
every Encounter!
* G12 Vision Meeting w/ Pastor Goudeaux - Sunday, February 27th at 6pm at CCC
North. Can't attend the 3rd Thursday meeting at CCC South? Make plans to
attend the meeting on Sunday nights at 6pm in the Chapel!! **This meeting is
held every 2nd & 4th Sunday nights at CCC North**
If you have any questions or would like more information about any event please
let us know! Also, if you're looking for an active Life Group where you can
build relationships, grow in God's word, enjoy great fellowship, and have prayer
partners in your life - Let Us Know!!

Attention - This week is the ANNOINTING SERVICE on Wednesday (2/16) at the North and
Thursday (2/17) at the South. This only occurs ONE (1) Time per year, so make
every effort to attend!!

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