Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eight years ago, God brought the vision of G-12 to Calvary Christian Center and this vision has been an answer to prayer for our man of God and this ministry. Now that we are in the year 2011, God is calling for the body here at Calvary Christian Center to shift to a different level and a new dimension in the vision. You see, the vision is not as much about you, as it is about the people. On the other hand, it has everything to do with you because it is your destiny connector. The principles of the vision (WIN-CONSOLIDAT-DISCIPLE-SEND) have to do with you helping usher people into the kingdom of God. The awesome benefit of working the vision is that while you are touching lives, God is developing you into that leader that He has called you to be.

We are very excited to introduce “The Pathway to Connecting to Calvary Christian Center.” After the church growth conference we will begin our new process that takes people from that point of decision all the way to total transformation. The Pathways consist of three different paths. Path 1 is the Pathway to Belonging, Path 2 is the Path to Involvement, and Path 3 is the Path to Understanding Your Purpose. This is an exciting new pathway to success that will help you flourish and become all that you can be for the kingdom of God.

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