Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The G-12 blog is an information post for all who want to read, asked questions and be a part of the
G-12 Connection. The last few weeks, we talked about the G-12 process and the Vision of G-12.
The first step in the process of the G-12 vision is “Win”. Take a look in the past blogs and see the win process. During the next few weeks we will be talking about consolidation, the second step in the process.
Starting next week, we will feature some points on “how to consolidate”, and “why consolidation is so important”.

Your Habits Will Determine Your Future
“ The individual who wants to reach the top must appreciate
the might of the force of habit – and must understand that
practices are what create habits. Be quick to break those
habits that can break them and hasten to adopt practices
that will help them to achieve the success that they desire.”
J. Paul Getty

We want to remind you that the Play “Oh Hell No” starts on Wednesday night, Oct 27, 2010
We are expecting all consolidators to come and support Calvary Christian Center.
Remember our goal of 1200 new Life /G-12 groups before January 1st2011

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