Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Frequently asked questions.

Some important things to know about the Pathways. (Frequently asked questions)

1.I don’t understand the Pathways, is G-12 Gone? The Pathways is a more user friendly approach for navigating a new member through the process of assimilation and connecting them to the ministry. It takes 6 months to complete. G-12 is still here, the main focus is still WIN-CONSOLIDAT-DISCIPLE-SEND. It is still the heart beat of God! G-12 takes some explanation when a new person ask, however the Pathway to Connecting to Calvary is more self explanatory.

2.Do I have to do all classes if I took post encounter classes? Yes because the Pathway to connecting to CCC Path 1 has to do with School of Leaders Level 1.

3.Do I have to attend encounter first? No, we encourage you to take one as soon as you can. The criterion for moving to Path 2 is attending the encounter. However since we have the encounter every other month or so, you are welcome to start path 2 but must complete the encounter by the end of Path to Involvement.

4.Can I take more than 1 class in a week? No, you can’t, Pastor has decided that only 1 class per week is what he wants us to do. So you can not take a Wednesday am class and then do a Sunday am class in the same week.

5.When can I work in the ministry? When you have completed Path 2, then you are eligible to work in the ministry, however, you must make a commitment to finish Path 3 in order to remain in that ministry.

6.Do I have to start a life group? Our goal for the vision of the ministry is for everyone to run a life group and to work in one other ministry. The Pathways prepare you to be able to open your life group after Path 2. The criterion for graduation is to open a life group. Every one should be connected to a life group.

7.I have been in the ministry for 10 years; do I have to go through the whole pathways? No, there will be a refresher course for the members that have not been engaged and want to plug into the vision. It will be a four week course to be announced soon. We encourage you however to go through the Pathways for your own spiritual edification and growth in order to become the best leader that you can be.

8.What if you have someone that is not ready to start a life group? Encourage the person by allowing them to assist in your life group. Go with them and help them start there’s. Give them strategies and tools to assist them. If there is an extenuating circumstance please talk to the Johnson’s or Pastor Goudeaux.
9.Can students turn in homework in class? It is ok for students to turn in their homework that very same class please(per pastor) He does not see a problem there. Feel free to sign them off with no hesitation.

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