Thursday, December 1, 2011

Attention: All G-12 Life Group Leaders

Hello there Lead Teams,
I wanted to email you because I am a bit concerned about how disappointed our man of god was last Sunday at the G-12 meeting. He had the Tribe of Judah stand up and The Leading Ladies stand up and it was like 6 or 7. He really expressed his disappointment. Now I know it was the holiday weekend and that's why a lot of you all weren't there, but he talked about commitment and accountability and that is what he expects out of his lead teams.
Since this is our last meeting of the year, we are asking you all to gather your teams together and bring them out to the G-12 meeting, so our man of God can address us for our direction for 2012. I think this would be a great support to him, to see you all there this last meeting of the year, without him having to ask you. I know its a sacrifice, but its our obligation as a leadership to rally around him to lift up his arms and show him our support. In mom's meeting, we talked about just canceling or repositioning one of your regular meetings so that your team can support you in coming out! So bring your 12 out, or whatever you have so we can see the chapel full and ready to be imparted with vision!

So come on out and find out what our man of God's heart for 2012 is. Also if you ever need to do something on the agenda please let me know so I can put you one there! Thanks and see ya then. So that's December 11th at 6pm --hold your men and women accountable and tell them to come support you because you want them to get all that God has for them.

Also if you are in the south, of course you all meet the 3rd Thursday for the Vision meeting, so that will suffice for you! Pastor will be focusing on life groups in the month of December, so it would be good to get your men and women who still need members to meet us in the foyer after services. We will be attempting to plug people in at the G-12 booth and also registering new teams. Our man of God wants to make sure that if you say you have a group to make sure that you are having them, so that you wont be a stumbling block for someone that is trying hard to connect! Well see you all at 6pm on December 11 at 6pm

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