Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"Happy Birthday,Jesus!"

· Mark 2:1-4, 11—Jesus performed miracles here in this house.
· Ezekiel 47:1-8—the further out the water flows, the more miracles signs and wonders happened. More miracles, signs and wonders happen in cell groups if they are filled with the unsaved.
· John 7:38—the gifts of the spirit flow out of the one who opens a cell group

· Cell group defined by Joel Cominsky—small groups (3-15) that meet weekly outside the church building for the purpose of evangelism, community, and disciple ship with the goal of multiplication.
1. Discipleship- the cell helps people to grow in Christ; they are not simply social gatherings that focus on fellowship and refreshments. Cells must transform people for them to be effective.
2. Community—intimacy—most agree that cells must remain intimate, so that everyone has a chance to share and communicate
3. Penetration evangelism—cells must have purpose beyond themselves. They must remain open for non-Christians
4. Multiplication—cells are born to multiply. The DNA of the cell is to give birth to a daughter cell. This is so essential that it will demand the total church concentration to make this happen.
5. Regularity—Just like the weekly celebration cells should meet also.

Importance of the Cell Vision

· The success of the church is in the cells because cell groups employ “net fishing” and successfully reach the lost through relational evangelism. Fewer converts fall away with this approach, because new believers are adopted into a spiritual family and a new church home
· The cells facilitate one-to-one pastoring
· Pastoral work becomes easier
· The cells are the backbone of the church
· It is the mine where leaders of twelve come from.

The purpose of the cells

· To open the doors for people to be saved(Acts 10—the first cell group)
· To allow people to identify with the leadership Mat 9:10
· To offer the opportunity to receive a touch from God. Luke 5: 19-20

The main arm of the church to penetrate the community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the majority of decisions for Christ will normally come through the cells. So here are some strategies
1. The prayer of three
2. Cell meetings
3. Celebrations in the church
4. Special events

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