Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Vision of G-12

The purpose of the “G-12 blog is three fold”
1. To encourage you in the vision.
2. To keep you informed about the upcoming G-12 events.
3. To keep you connected and show you how to sustain yourself in the vision.
4. To explore the vision of G-12.

Topic of the Month:
“Win” is the first step in the G-12 process.
Winning is the process through which we
Proclaim the gospel to every person in a way that leads to true repentance.
When soul winning is what you do, you win soul occasionally, or when the
environment seems right, or when it will not cause you to come out of
you comfort zone. However when soul winning is who you are, you will
win souls everywhere you go. You will create a environment to win souls.

Shalom, to all the G-12 Vision Leaders

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