Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Kingdom Building Class Information

Hello Kingdom Building Students!

We are excited to be starting the new Kingdom Building classes and look forward to seeing what God has planned for your life!

Kingdom Building Classes are designed to help move the Community Member through the process of becoming a Core Leaders.  The assimilation strategy is called “The 5 C’s” and its purpose is to move our partners from Community….. to the Crowd …..to the Congregation …..to the Committed …..to become a Core Leader!  Kingdom Building classes are the building blocks of a firm foundation.  These classes will bring transformation in every area of you life, in order for you to bring transformation in others lives.  God has a plan for each and every one of His children, we pray that you will pick of the torch and take control of your life and become all that God has called you to be—A Living Epistle with Kingdom Power!

The Kingdom Building classes are 12 weeks total, after which you will be a Partner with Calvary Christian Center.  You will start with class number 101, God's Call, where you will be learning about salvation, sin, repentance, Grace, baptism, and communion.  After 2 weeks, you will be prepared to attend Kingdom Building Class 201 - Our Response; then 301 - Maturity; 401 - Ministry; 501 - Mission; and 601 - Mentor/Leadership.  Each of the classes are two weeks.  PLEASE NOTE that unlike the Pathway to Connecting classes, students are unable to attend later classes without completing previous classes (i.e. you cannot attend Class 201 without attending Class 101).

Start dates for class 101 are Sunday, October 18th or Wednesday October 21st for the first set.
We will also be starting a second set of classes on Sunday November 1st or Wednesday November 4th. 
Finally, a third set of classes will be starting Sunday, November 15th or Wednesday, November 18th.

I will be adding information on where to start if you have previously attended classes in the Pathway to Connecting to Calvary Christian Center course in another post.  

If you have any questions regarding the Kingdom Building Classes, please add a comment to this post and/or contact the office at (916) 929-5725 extension 154.

Thank you for responding to God's call in your life!

The Kingdom Building team

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