Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Encounter is coming up May 18.19.20 Attend an Encounter. Get rid of the “baggage” that has been hindering you from enjoying the blessings of God and preventing you from having a powerful walk with Jesus Christ the Lord. What is an Encounter? An encounter is an experience, an event where one is led to come face to face With God and confront the past and the present with God, so God’s purpose and plan will be fulfilled in the future. After the Encounter, faith is released, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are stirred up, and one is launched to be a disciple and to becoming a leader of God’s people. The goals of an Encounter are: To be sure of one’s salvation • To experience true repentance • To break bondages and Stronghold • To receive inner (emotional) healing • To receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit • To receive clear vision

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