Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome to the Path to Belonging, the beginning of your journey!

Do I belong at Calvary Christian Center (CCC)? What does the church teach and believe? Is there a place that I can “fit in”? Should I become a member or get involved in the church? Where can I learn more about the church and all the different ministries? How can I get become a member or get involved in a ministry? What is CCC all about? How can CCC make a difference in my life? Have any of these questions come across your mind? If so, we encourage you to experience The Path to Belonging!

Are you wondering if you belong at Calvary Christian Center (CCC)? We don’t believe your attendance at CCC is by accident or coincidence, but rather we believe you are an answer to prayer. CCC is a praying ministry and we believe God has directed you to come and be part of what God is doing in and through His church. If you are new to CCC or perhaps thinking about becoming a member or getting involved in the ministry, then we invite you to embark on the journey of The Path to Belonging!

The Path to Belonging is a series of classes that will reveal what CCC is all about, while strengthening the foundation of every believer, and providing an opportunity to become a member of the church. The Bible teaches that we (the people of God) are the church and not just the building. The church is a family and our desire is that every member feels welcomed with a deep sense of belonging. The Path to Belonging provides an introduction to the church, including its history, leadership, growth, and the vision. The fundamentals of our faith, including what we believe and teach, will be expressed in eight classes giving each person an opportunity to have a clear understanding and to become familiar with CCC.

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