Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey there mighty warriors,

This is a plea from our Pastor's heart take note and let blessed the man of God.
We will be posting infomation from time to time when Pastor will be speaking also
so keep checkingthis site. Thank you

I want to make an appeal unto you all for the 2nd and 4th Sunday at 6pm vision meetings with Pastor. Our next meeting is 4th Sunday of January at 6pm. Our man of Gods desire is to see the chapel full so that we can move the meeting back to the sanctuary--he pours his heart out regarding the vision at these meetings and really wants more people to support it. He asked if we can reach out and have at least 3 other people come with us to the meeting which is a reasonable goal! I want to raise the bar up even a little more. Invite your whole team to come out with you, that would be even better! Don and I would love to see our man of God blown away with the attendance that all he can do is just look at how much his congregation supports him. So come on lets take on this challenge.

Leading Ladies and Tribe of Judah tell your men and women you want them to come out to the 6pm G-12 meeting--be strategic even if you have your meetings every week, why dont you release them the 4th week with the expectation that they would come to the G-12 meeting. God is doing a new thing and we want everyone to take hold of what he is doing as we enter into new dimensions and territories with Him. We will start out in with a different posture of prayer for us and out team and engage in some warring prayers for our teams. I am placing a demand on my vision carriers--I want to see all of you out and please bring your G-12 women with you--Lets start out with a renewed atmosphere for the vision of G-12 for this year!!!! Thank you in advance. I know some work, but Im asking you to come so we can take an offensive stand for the vision of the house!!!! See ya there!!!

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